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Your management resources are both precious and limited. High demands or challenging business situations can often overstretch your existing management team.  You may not have the resource with the appropriate experience to confidently establish and lead key programme and project activities or to troubleshoot programmes and projects that are slipping.

Your organisation can quickly benefit from an injection of seasoned and professional MobileRunway expertise, even more so when there are pressing business requirements with time, resource and organisational constraints. 

We deliver fast and reliable results and have worked with new and established network operators, multi-service providers, quad and triple play service providers, service resellers, IT managed service providers and end user organisations on:

  • Strategic operational programmes
  • Complex high risk programmes and projects
  • Strategy and business planning
  • Go To Market planning
  • Product and service management 
  • Product introduction and development
  • Service launches
  • Customer service development
  • Channel management 
  • Network infrastructure rollout

Just some of our achievements on behalf of our clients include:

Technology Consolidation & Integration

Before: Tasked to drive implementation of a single organisation-wide network after the Virgin Media / NTL:Telewest merger. Assembled a team; developed a master Product Breakdown Structure; created a technology roadmap; and established a governance methodology around a 6-week rolling plan to enable continuous progress against background of concurrent high priority infrastructure projects.

After: Succeeded in retiring Telewest backbone and migrating customers over 4 years, retiring & recovering over £10M hardware.

Infrastructure Programme Turnaround

Before: Assigned to recover NTL's late-running Network Capacity Programme and deliver market-leading system of capacity management. Assessed current programme state and identified issues in planning and execution; developed recovery plan; reviewed and strengthened team; re-set senior executive expectations and won support for turnaround plan; and provided hands-on Programme Management.

After: Succeeded in turning around Programme, deploying solution to meet Programme goals over a 12 month period.

Product Launch

Before: Programme Manager, tasked to achieve operational readiness and deliver a new pan-European unified business communitations product for Colt Telecom. Assembled empowered team of technical and commercial specialists across European operations and India; defined the vision and goals; established Programme governance and delivery methodology; and led operational readiness testing/delivery.

After: Succeeded in launching on time and within budget.

Programme / Commercial Recovery

Before: Assigned to recover a stratetegic "off-network" Ethernet services programme that also involved designing and building interconnects to two of the largest UK telco's. Documented business requirements; defined solution approach within constraints of existing contracts; assembled cross-functional delivery team; defined technical delivery architecture; and managed programme delivery.

After: Succeeded in stabilising programme and achieving vendor-accepted solution designs and delivery of 2013 scope.

New Product Introduction

Before: Assigned as Programme Manager to create and deliver a gap-filling wireless product solution to address customers' short-term demands. Documented customer product requirements; identified options; selected optimum solution to deliver network agnostic routing; negotiated supply agreements; defined programme implementation plan; and led programme team of 18 core staff and 150 wider team across 14 workstreams.

After: Succeeded in delivering product launch, providing services over Vodafone, Three and Everything Everywhere networks,.and handover into In-Life Product Management.

Product Operational Readiness and Roll-Out

Before: Programme Manager on a programme to develop and deliver an interim product, scaling local agreement across Europe. Reviewed and assessed agreement and capability with French local supplier; developed strategy to productize agreement and white-label; created scaling and deployment plan; and managed roll-out to the target 5 European markets.

After: Succeeded in delivering ‘market-holding’, fit-for-purpose product proposition, allowing Colt time to complete in-house solution.

New Service Development / Implementation

Before: NTL saw an opportunity with BT Global Services to deliver capacity to the NHS New National Network. Assigned to deliver Proposal / Proof of Concept to demonstrate capability to BTGS. Defined the Programme Plan; assembled 16 workstreams across 4 work-groups, led creation of the baseline Service Definition Document; and worked at Director level across impacted NTL Divisions to ensure demonstrable capability and understanding of technical and commercial risks.

After: Succeeded in winning contract with BTGS, worth over £450 Million to date.

Business Improvement

Before: Euphony had grown rapidly as a switchless telco. Engaged as Strategic Business Consultant to review the Euphony business plan and other inputs to identify issues and opportunities for improvement. Developed engagement scope; reviewed customer profitability; implemented targeted customer segmentation sales and retention strategy; and developed action-oriented KPI metrics and reporting to management and shareholders.

After: Succeeded in identifying and delivering cost reductions in excess of £1M and enhancing revenue and profitability, contributing to a successful trade sale over £18M.